Fees for Services

Fees for Services

The fee for services, be it translations and interpreting, sworn translations and interpreting, legalization of documents or tourist guide services, are influenced by a range of factors. In order to be able to offer a binding final price for the service that you require, including any applicable discounts and markdowns for regular clients, we need to know not only the type of service and required language, but also the volume (for applying volume discounts) and other details. The resulting price confirmed by us is binding and final.

Prices of translations for common languages (English, German, Russian)


Price excl. VAT

Price incl. VAT (21%)

 Translations (into Czech)

CZK 320 / 1 SP*

CZK 387 / 1 SP*

 Certified official translations

CZK 390 / 1 SP*

CZK 472 / 1 SP*

 Apostille legalization

CZK 700 / doc.

CZK 847 / doc.

* SP = standard page (1500 characters without spaces / 1800 characters with spaces / ca 250 words)

Please contact our office in the following ways and we will promptly inform you of the fee for services you require:

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