Register Records

  • Extract from cadastral register
  • Extract from medical documentation
  • Extract from register of debtors
  • Extract from penal register
  • Extract from commercial register
  • Extract from registers and records

Official translations have a strictly stipulated formal layout. A correctly compiled official translation must contain:

  • original document/copy certified by notary,
  • translation of document into relevant language,
  • interpreting appendix with seal of translator.

This folder of documents as a whole forms an official translation, which is furnished with a seal. It is therefore not possible to remove or separate the specific translated original document from the folder.

We provide official translations as standard within 3 working days, including all the necessary certifications. Express compilation within 2, 4, 8, 12, 24 or 48 hours is also possible.

Depending on international treaties, a higher degree of certification is conducted for court translations, known as legalisation or superlegalisation, translations are furnished with an apostille, certified by the relevant authorities or courts.