FAQ – frequently asked questions

How can I order a translation?

By sending your order using the order form from our website, by e-mail, fax, post/courier service or by placing an order directly at our branch.

How can I obtain the translation?

We send translations by e-mail, fax, post/courier service, or you can collect them directly at our branch.

Do you also work during lunchtime hours?

YES, we are here for you every working day from 08:00 to 18:00 (continuously).

What are your working hours during the main summer holidays?

I.L.T.S. Praha works without interruption or shortening of working hours during the summer holidays.

Do I need to make an appointment before visiting your branch in person?

No, but expect a commensurate waiting time (max. 5 minutes).

Are you a certified provider of translation and interpreting services?

YES, we have introduced, maintain and are constantly improving quality management according to the international norm ISO 9001. 

How do I obtain quick information about the price of services?

You can obtain quick information about the price of the services you require by telephone, e-mail or with the aid of our on-line inquiry form.

Is it possible to pay by card at branches of I.L.T.S. Praha?

YES, we are equipped as standard with payment terminals.

Is it possible to pay ONLINE?

YES, a secure payment terminal is placed on our website in international format.